11 Great Ways To Find Medical Assisting Jobs

Although the amount of medical assistant jobs available in the USA continues to increase, this article will reveal 11 of the best ways to find these jobs.

1)  Don’t wait! If you are still at a medical assistant school, or just finished your course, your school’s career counselor will help and advise you. One of the best ways to get your foot in the door is to apply for an externship. This will give you vital experience working in a real time environment with a company which can also give you a great work experience reference. The company may even be looking to recruit new medical assistants, and if they are happy with your work you will have a great opportunity of being hired.

2)  Who do you know? Many people are hired on the basis of who they know. Contacts and networking can play an important part. You may have friends or family working in the medical field. Read the rest of this entry »

Specialize as a Podiatric Medical Assistant

There are a variety of jobs medical assistants can specialize in, and in this article I want to focus on the medical assistant job description of one of these specialized jobs – podiatry.

First of all just what is podiatry?

Podiatry focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of the foot, ankle, and lower leg. To become a podiatric medical assistant you will be required to train at a medical assistant school that offers the podiatric program. Training can take 1-2 years. Whilst at the school it’s advisable to request an externship in a podiatry office to gain experience and this can be shown on your resume to help you secure the job.

Then apply to take your certification exam through the American Society of Podiatric Medical Assistants. Becoming certified is an absolutely vital step to getting a job, and although you are not allowed to diagnose or treat patients, being certified will allow you, in some states, to assist the physician in minor surgeries such as ingrown toenails and bunion removal. Read the rest of this entry »

Are Online Medical Assistant Programs The Answer?

There are many medical assistant schools in virtually every state in the USA that can offer you all the excellent training you need so you can do the tasks and duties required as a medical assistant. However because the majority of homes now have access to a computer and also have a network connection, the options to study at home with one of the online medical assistant programs increases year by year.

Having the option to study at home could be the difference of you deciding to train as a medical assistant in the first place. Your location could be detrimental to you going ahead because your nearest medical assistant school could be miles away. Would you move if the school is hundreds of miles away? Would you consider traveling if the school is in traveling distance? Even if it is in traveling distance the school could still be quite far away and take hours out of your day in just travel alone.  Read the rest of this entry »

Salary and Location Guide For Medical Assisting

Your medical assistant salary can vary depending on what State you work in. The criteria for this are dependent on a few different factors….

The highest medical assistant average salaries in the USA are in the Pacific states, Hawaii, Alaska, New Jersey and New York at approx $34,000 per annum. The lowest average salaries are in the southern and east north central States at approx $29,000 per annum. These are averages so, for instance, the salary earned if you are medical assisting in an expensive city in the USA will be more than one working in small towns and rural areas.

The medical assistant salary can also change from employer to employer. Studies reveal approximately two thirds of medical assistants are employed in doctors offices, which pay slightly below average at $30,000, and the other third of medical assistants are employed in hospitals, outpatients, clinics, and various healthcare locations.  Those on a higher wage tend to be certified medical assistants employed within facilities that have a higher budget, such as large hospitals where the average salary is approx $34,000 per annum. Certified medical assistant salaries and employment continues to grow every year and is growing faster than any occupation in the USA. Read the rest of this entry »

Personal Qualities Required For a Certified Medical Assistant

It will be a great feeling when after taking your exam you gain your important medical assistant certification. However let’s step back a bit first and delve into the personal qualities you actually need to be a success in your job as a certified medical assistant.

Technical abilities are vital and this you will gain via your training school, but there is a lot more to just being well trained. Possessing certain character traits are just as important as training when it comes to performing your tasks and duties. Read the rest of this entry »

6 of the Best Medical Assistant Training Schools

Medical assistant schools are vital for you to receive all the important training you need to carry out the daily tasks required of the job. There is probably a training school close to where you live, however make sure the school is accredited so you have the option to go on and take your medical assistant certification exam.

Firstly you need to decide whether you want to either enroll at one of the online training programs, a day to day course, or an evening course. Also if you do have a training school near you check their program and then check some of the other schools. Depending on your circumstances you may decide to live near a more suitable school for a while.

To give you an idea on what some of the medical assistant schools are offering, 6 of the best schools and their locations are listed below: Read the rest of this entry »

Considering A Medical Assistant Career?

Are you considering a medical assistant career? If the answer is yes then this may be the best career decision you’ve ever made. Why?

Well you will have excellent job prospects for a start.  Medical assistants are not just the highest growth area within the healthcare industry. Based on the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics employment of medical assistants is predicted to increase by 34 percent between now and 2018, placing them amongst the top 20 growing jobs in the USA.

The healthcare industry is growing due to technological advances in medicine, plus a growing and aging population. As a result of expansion and growth in group practices, hospitals, medical centers, clinics, offices and healthcare services, many more support workers are going to be required – particularly professional medical assistants who have decided on a medical assistant career and have the skills to manage both the administrative and clinical tasks. Read the rest of this entry »